One of the most commonly asked questions asked is what does USS Achey stand for? It is named after the founder, his name being Ulysses Samuel Sylvester Achey, but most everyone calls him by his nickname Bud. The way the business started was not planned, but more so formed over time. USS Achey's first business was originally a sawmill that primarily sold wood to area contractors. In the mid 1960's, Bud had many sideline endeavors such as demolition work, cutting out roads for different townships, excavating, and crushing cars. The car crushing proved to be the most profitable and over time he branched out also dealing with other types of metal scrap, gradually stopping other work and concentrating on recycling. In 1974 when the business became incorporated scales were added to check our own weights and to buy other customer metals. Over time cranes with magnets, grapples, and shears combined with a stationary shear, shredding plant and metals bailer rounded out the business. USS Achey has been family operated for over 40 years.